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AFN Solutions has developed safe handling procedures for some of the largest distribution companies in Australia, including TNT/FedEx, Mainfreight, Toll/Ipec & Australian Air Express.

Our solutions streamline and enhance the efficiency of all operations, by generating valuable analytics, whilst minimising and reducing time and labour costs.

Truck and Warehouse

Imagine having a traffic management system that can efficiently monitor & direct trucks to available bays, have the intelligence to advise wait time on any particular loading bay, and then measure the effect of these decisions against previous periods in real time. 

Key benefits of our solution:

  • Improve the traffic flow and system efficiency using Cloud based software, allowing access from anywhere, anytime.

  • Generate comprehensive understanding of sites loading zones 

  • View live or historic reports on utilisation and occupancy per loading zone 

  • Measure loading time efficiency

  • Compare and contrast parking activity by zone 

  • Adapt traffic signals to unexpected conditions 

  • Increase economic productivity 

  • Improve overall safety of the facility

Our solution will enable the system to perform the following tasks:

Control access through the entry and exit points to the facility

Capture license plate (LPR) details prior to opening gates

Offer WHS induction at the point of entry to 'non-inducted' vehicles 

Allocate loading bays to all vehicles 

Direct vehicles to exit points and capture their license plate details to reflect total time on site

Provide a 'low level interface' with the CCTV system to track all recorded events by LPR event

Provide a 'high level interface' with SAP (long term and external support) 

Provide the same solution across every depot in order to track fleet movements through the entire network

The core aim of our solution is to achieve the following:

Reduce vehicle waiting times at the entry gate by using the TMS to allocate a loading bay without human interaction

Ensure all vehicles are inducted to the site prior to entry

Ensure all vehicles are approved to enter the site using the LPR to cross reference a 'banned' database

Minimise the loading/unloading times of vehicles by using the TMS to allocate fork lifts to be dispatched faster

The ability to share and compare site efficiency data between all sites

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