Video is the best sensor. If CCTV is the eyes, video analytics is the brain. Analytics can do anything from basic object detection, through to complex time and motion data.

  • Locate footage/ incidents faster with searchable data ("red car")

  • Threat detection; left object, trespassing in staff area, Fire and smoke, banned people.

  • License plate recognition

  • Understand your customer patterns; People counting, dwell time, occupancy, age and gender demographics

  • Identity management through facial recognition

  • Heat mapping

  • Object Recognition

AFN Solutions has been working with market leading video analytics solutions since 1997. From facial recognition, through to spatial analytics and licence plate recognition, AFN is constantly pushing the envelope with new ways to turn video into data. 

We are proud to partner with Milestone Systems and Network Optix as our VMS solutions, and we will work with you to design a system that meets and exceeds your needs.



AFN Solutions works primarily with VisionLabs for our facial recognition solutions, having deployed this software in multiple clients’ environments. We are able to interface with existing access control solutions such as CCURE9000 and integrate device Bluetooth for an additional layer of security.

Our Development Team at AFN Solutions spends many hours working with the software vendors, specialists, and customers in order to customise and deliver the right outcomes for facial recognition deployments.

We have seen success with a large national builder, who has deployed facial recognition and Bluetooth access control to allow their staff to access their building without having to utilise a swipe card, and are able to open the door without physically interacting with the system in any way.

We are working with a large telecommunications provider to integrate our facial recognition solution with some robotics to showcase the future of technology in Australia



Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) uses a combination of Ocular Character Recognition (OCR) and machine learning techniques to analyse the number plate of vehicles. This information is then converted to text, and alongside a snapshot of the vehicle, can be presented in a variety of ways such as being integrated into a VMS, pushed to another application, or displayed on a screen for a user or driver to view. This technology has seen great success in parking management, access control, fuel drive-off management, car-counting, and more…

LPR combined with Vehicle Recognition is a fundamentally new way of approaching LPR as an effective ‘ticketless’ solution and is much like a multi-factor authentication approach to LPR.

We work with multiple LPR software vendors such as OpenALPR, Hikvision LPR, and Milestone LPR.

AFN has worked with parking management businesses, Councils, transport & logistics companies, telecommunication businesses and aged care facilities to deploy LPR for a variety of different use-cases. We are able to design and deploy LPR for any application, and integrate with other systems to achieve the desired outcome



There are multiple People Counting analytics that AFN has deployed including Axis People Counter, AgentVi, BriefCam analytics. Some VMS solutions also have in-built analytics that can meet a variety of needs. 

Our Retail customers have seen great results from People Counting installations and have started to utilise the data they collect to make decisions about staff levels, marketing and merchandise placement.

Building a reliable and accurate view of conversion rates in these businesses helps the Store Managers manage their staff and performance accordingly, allows them to see trends over time, and can show the impact of weather and public holidays on performance.



People Counting analytics allows retailers to manage staff effectively and utilising this data can show accurate conversion statistics. This gives store managers, regional managers and owners the ability to drill down into a single-store level or regional level and understand the performance of their retail stores. It also allows store managers to effectively manage labour hours, and staff the store according to historic data on foot traffic.


Heat Mapping analytics allows retailers to understand how customers move through a store, where they stand and browse and where the thoroughfares are. This data is particularly useful for Marketing and store managers to more effectively manage where advertising material is placed and how staff interact with customers.


Facial Recognition and the advanced video analytics  provide altogether better understanding of customer movement and behaviour. Real-time customer insights provide instant understanding of customer interaction with products and displays, as well as for example proactively recognise threats. The ability to recognise and engage repeat customers is particularly useful for understanding detailed spending habits or to smart signage to enhance in-store experience.