Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) uses a combination of Ocular Character Recognition (OCR) and machine learning techniques to analyse the number plate of vehicles. This information is then converted to text, and alongside a snapshot of the vehicle, can be presented in a variety of ways such as being integrated into a VMS, pushed to another application, or displayed on a screen for a user or driver to view. This technology has seen great success in parking management, access control, fuel drive-off management, car-counting, and more…
LPR combined with Vehicle Recognition is a fundamentally new way of approaching LPR as an effective ‘ticketless’ solution and is much like a multi-factor authentication approach to LPR.


We work with multiple LPR software vendors such as OpenALPR, Hikvision LPR, and Milestone LPR.

We pride ourselves on choosing the right application for the right job, and depending on the outcome you want, the application can be scaled accordingly.

AFN has worked with parking management businesses, Councils, transport & logistics companies, telecommunication businesses and aged care facilities to deploy LPR for a variety of different use-cases. We are able to design and deploy LPR for any application, and integrate with other systems to achieve the desired outcome


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