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Our smart technology can assist governments and businesses reduce their environmental impact and significantly reduce costs in the long-term. 

AFN Solutions have designed, implemented, and managed the City of Darwin Smart City Upgrade, which included a range of applications from LED Smart Lighting, through to Public Wi-Fi, CCTV, and Smart Parking. 

Our technology utilises renewable energy storage in order to help gain greater control, efficiency, and reliability across the electric grid. 

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Following more than 25 years of research and development, we have designed, tested and installed comprehensive renewable energy power solutions that we can now offer to clients and the broader community. 

We work closely with suppliers to ensure we are able to provide an end-to-end solution for your organisation.

Solar Lighting Poles

✓ Significantly reduce power costs in the long term

✓ Minimise Carbon Emissions 

✓ Generate significantly more light with less power

✓ No cabling or trenching required

✓ Sufficient battery storage for 7 days of no sun 

CCTV Security

✓ Boosts public safety

✓ Use captured data for town planning

✓ Gain valuable insights about demographics, pathways, and counting. 

NX Witness VMS Integration

✓ Detect motion within a selected area in a selected time frame

✓ Set up alerts when motion is detected - through email, audio tone or screen notification. 

Our Wind / Solar Hybrid Power Solution

Provides greater power security

Strong levels of redundancy from two sources of power

Supported in even the most extreme weather conditions

Overcomes the limitation of solar power where lighting may be compromised by trees or other infrastructure

Can be reconfigured to provide significant power for Smart City applications such as CCTV & Wi-Fi on existing infrastructure

A strong, visual statement to the community about your commitment to environmental sustainability

Provides a financially attractive renewable energy solution that can grow with your needs

Check out the following media releases to find out more!

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