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Here at AFN, we have always been focused on creating a safer place for all our customers and their customers alike. From our humble beginnings as a small Sydney based firm solving our first problems with patrolling guards, we grew with the needs and opportunities of society. Now we are an innovative firm delivering cutting edge technologies to all of our customers nationwide. Our own involvement with smart cities began when we worked with the team at Cairns Regional Council (CRC). When we first began working with CRC it was an exciting moment because we had the opportunity to  translate all that we do to solve real problems for not just a company but for a society. Having worked with CRC and then many others such as City of Darwin we learnt that a City cannot exist without its people. Their Quality of life is the basis for change and Data driven insights are what steer that change, but Economic growth and Sustainability are also key factors that drive this change. These three components build the framework for a Smart City.



AFN Solutions believes a smart city is one that is prosperous and sustainable, empowering communities to realise their full potential. Smart technology is enabling this across industries.

Smart Lighting Systems

With the need for more environmentally friendly and ecologically sustainable resources at the forefront, the need to provide adequate lighting for safety purposes in public spaces is countered by the need to maintain minimal electricity usage and costs. The implementation of LED lighting in public spaces can assist in this regard, with the technology now going one step further and providing lighting depending on how populated location may be. All LED lighting products are config-urable with NEMA 7 smart nodes as well as offering integrated solar options for both street and pathway lights.

WIFI Connectivity

Opening access to the public WI-FI to visitors will help promote local tourism as well as facilitate the gathering of analytics to generate deeper insights into visitor demography in the region. Access to the Internet is a service that is valued and often expected by visitors to a business or tourist point of attraction. Public WIFI can also be used to support local infrastructure (such as smart lighting, parking, and bin sensors).

Waste Management

Our integrated waste management solutions include compaction, sensing, route optimisation and emissions reduction. Council’s benefit from direct cost savings, a greener environment and cleaner cities.

Community Benefits

  • Compactible bins reduce collection by effectivity increasing bin capacity by up to 8 times

  • Smart waste collection planning using real-time data to optimize resource allocation

  • Lowers operational costs by up to 80%

  • Utilizers renewable energy and reduces CO2 emissions

  • Eliminates overflowing bins

  • Improves public cleanliness/sanitation

  • Smart IoT platform with Public WIFI hotspot & advertising capabilities

Smart Parking Sensors

Smart Parking is changing the world through the delivery of comprehensive, end-to-end solutions that are focused on harnessing the power of information from a global-scale network of sensors and devices to create new generations of parking services and beyond - delivering what is now being called the Inter-net of Things (IoT).

Centrally managed and operated via the Smart Cloud, Smart Parking sensors interfaces into the SmartRep Management and Reporting System allowing you to manage your facilities efficiently with real-time, individual vehicle, individual space data. For daily management and long-term planning.

Smart Parking’s sensor technology is designed to detect the presence of parked vehicles, report overstays to infringement hand-held devices and to provide space availability data to digital guidance signs and smartphone applications. For manage-ment on-street or off-street.


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