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Retailers are becoming increasingly more reliant on data-driven decision making. Video analytics is a rich source of data that enables retailers to gain insights into who is visiting their stores, and how their customers are interacting with their products.

Our retail analytics suite enables retailers to gain insights into their customers, from recognising their high-value customers, to exploring the best way to engage with them, to knowing exactly the number of visitors entering the store, or comparing the effectiveness of in-store promotions. 

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360° cameras providing 360° data analytics

AFN Solutions is proud to work with some of Australia's leading retailers, assisting with deployment and optimisation of security CCTV infrastructure. 

Our retail analytics suite empowers your organisation with customer intelligence that helps gain a greater understanding of your customers.

New camera optics, such as our 360° hemispherical cameras, give retailers the ability to capture the footprint of the entire store. Whilst this is beneficial from a security perspective, it ultimately unlocks a whole new world of analytic possibilities. 

A facial recognition optic positioned at each entrance provides more detailed insights, giving brick-and-mortar retailers the same data that their online competitors have had for years. This data comes in the form of demographic data, sentiment analysis and repeat visit data. 

Benefits of deploying 360° hemispheric cameras

Accurate, timely & insightful data

Comprehensive review of unique & repeat customers

Ability to monitor facility occupancy

Improvement of daily operations

Customisable reporting & real-time dashboards

Ability to understand the customer journey

Ability to manage large crowds around areas with high value items

Provides a deterrent to potential thieves or vandals

Ability to determine the success of current store layout

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