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Yacht Club Installs Licence Plate Recognition Cameras To Tackle Traffic Management

One of Australia’s oldest and most prestigious yacht Clubs, situated on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, decided to enhance their parking facilities.


In order to facilitate automated access to the Club and understand guest vehicle movement throughout the marina, AFN provided an Licence Plate Recognition (LPR)-enabled access-control solution. The LPR ensures convenience, auditability and control of the Club’s facilities.

Club members’ satisfaction was the main drive for the Club. “Providing a more personalised service to our patrons throughout the Club’s facilities such as the parking, bistro, our state-of-the-yard floating marina and boat yard more easily, was our prime objective at all times” said the Club’s representative.

The first part of this requirement was an automated boom gate for smooth access of exclusive members vehicles enrolled on the LPR database. Incorporated in this system, are two LPR cameras that monitor entry and exit points to the facilities and multi-level car park.

Combined with a centralised CCTV system, the Club can now control thoroughfares and improve visitor experience, safety and management of their parking.

As an added security function, this system can be configured to detect known ‘vehicles of interest’ alerting security teams of their presence.

This was an ideal solution for the Club’s access control requirements whilst maintaining convenience for their members. Benefits for the Club included a reduction in vandalism, trespassing and theft of valuable items such as petrol or outboard motors at the Club.

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