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Luna Ace - Take Access Control To The Next Level With Business Intelligence

July 14, 2021


Managing swipe cards is tedious, not to mention a heightened vulnerability in your protocols as the cards can be easily stolen. What if we could replace the card with something that is unique to you and impossible to leave behind? Your face is your key to the future of access control.

Luna Ace - Facial Recognition & Access Control

AFN Solutions offers complete integration and customisation of the latest face recognition tablet technology from our partner VisionLabs, that allows you to manage access, prevent illegal access, restrict areas and protect your business.

Integrates With Existing System

Seamlessly upgrade the existing access control readers with the addition of face recognition-based access point. It still has an inbuilt smart card option to maintain uninterrupted user experience or implement highest level of security combining card, face, and PIN.

Multi-Factor Authenticate For Added Security

Utilise multi-factor authentication for access control with facial recognition, card and pin for an extra layer of security for your business.

Natively Integrates With VMS & Analytics

The LUNA ACE integrates with Nx Witness VMS where every face capture is imported into Nx Witness VMS as a detailed capture and includes age, gender, and sentiment.


The LUNA ACE uses a cloud-based management platform to allow users to effectively and efficiently manage all sites simultaneously. The LUNA ACE has the ability to operate both online and offline. When the device is offline, the LUNA ACE can store up to 500,000 face descriptors and/or smart cards. When the device is online it stores unlimited face descriptors and/ or smart cards if it is connected to a central LUNA PLATFORM.

AFN Solutions_VisionLabs-LunaAce-v01_02
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