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Nx Witness VMS, Voted #1 Video Management System In The World

March 17th, 2022


Nx Witness is a next-generation VMS designed for resilience, reliability and ease of use.

In 2010, Network Optix launched Nx Witness, a video management system designed for clients in the security industry, facilitating a paradigm shift in the way video surveillance is managed with its successful video management system used by thousands of people worldwide. In a variety of surveys conducted by one of the top security technology peer reviewed groups throughout 2011 - 2020 Milestone, Genetec, Hikvision and Exacq were consistently ranked in the top five video management systems. In 2022 Nx Witness VMS, quickly rose to the top of the industry and are now leaders in the industry.

AFN offers state-of-the-art video management solutions designed to help businesses monitor their assets. With Nx Witness VMS, you can use existing analog cameras or mix and match them with high-definition IP cameras to create the perfect video surveillance solution for any business, school, retail, aged care facility or manufacturer. The intuitive software allows you full control of your system and easily exports footage at the touch of a button.

Integrated analytics powering your business.

Nx Witness VMS is a scalable video management platform which allows multiple software and hardware platforms to be combined into one solution. With added plug-in packs, you can add additional features such as People Counting, License Plate Recognition, or Face Detection including the ability to search video by face.

A truly open VMS software, Nx Witness is built from the ground up to work with modern high-end IP video technologies and address business needs. We believe in open systems that are cost effective, flexible, and more scalable so they can be used across your entire business.


Fully compatible with your existing surveillance system:

Preserve your existing analogue cameras or mix with DVR, NVR and any IP high-def cameras making it perfect for any business, school, retail or manufacturer.

Open platform interface:

With an open platform interface all businesses can benefit from a fully customised security solution that is easy to operate and cost-effective and can integrate with the latest in video analytics and machine learning.

One time cost:

Easy maintenance and automatic software upgrades for FREE with no need for additional licences. Eliminate costs of additional software.

Fully responsive live view & storage of all your video on a single screen

Cloud-enabled solutions allow shared & secure access.

Incorporate technologies to address any challenges your business is facing:

The range of VMS solutions AFN offers can integrate seamlessly with any intelligent camera, smart alarms or access control systems.

Simple viewing & exporting of footage:

View and export footage in two clicks. Select desired time frame using simple pan-temporal timeline.

AFN Solutions_NxWitnessVMS_VotedNo_Master
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