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Nx Witness VMS & Iryx

June 25th, 2021


Reduce Your Dependence On A Server With The Iryx Owl

Have you ever considered not having a surveillance server?

The iryx owl camera can act as your server using the Nx VMS and supports object recognition through machine learning onboard (with up to 90 days of storage). The Owl is a multi-spectral imaging and multi-sensor IoT device. It performs A.I computations at the edge to deliver real-time detection and event classification.

The iryx can ingest the data from your standard CCTV system and integrate it with NX witness to provide the ability to generate alarms and detections through all lenses. The system as seen below is straightforward and easy to install if you have existing CCTV. If you don’t, installing the iryx alongside standard cameras is the best option for future proofing your store. With the option of turning on object recognition, you can utilise the iryx alongside standard cameras to help gain real customer insights and analyse your data more efficiently.

Re-Think Your Retail

This system is designed for small retail users to enhance the capability of their current CCTV system. In conjunction with Nx Witness VMS, AFN Solutions video analytics software offers a unique service that transforms any video camera into a business intelligence tool that can be accessed from any device as well as integrations with POS systems.

With the option of turning on any of our features you can start to gain an understanding of patterns in your store and not only capture relevant data to make decisions with but analyse whether these decision have a positive impact.

Optional extras for data extraction from the owl include:

  • POS System Integrations

  • Heat mapping

  • Object Recognition

  • People Counting, Dwell time, Occupancy, Age & Gender Demographics


Additional Iryx Benefits:

Significant scalability & cost efficiency

By removing the need for Cloud based solutions or expensive on-premise servers to minimise Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Thermal imaging option

The camera can be purchased with or without Thermal Imaging. Thermal imaging is hugely beneficial as a tool for low light environment and can generate alarms and detections in all environments.

Designed from the ground up

With robust cybersecurity protections such as Arm Trusted Firmware and Docker containers.

Additional Nx Witness Benefits:

✓ One-time cost

Easy maintenance and automatic software upgrades for FREE with no need for additional licences. Eliminate costs of additional software.

Built for the user

Nx Witness was designed to be instantly usable so new users can install. configure, and begin administrating systems with little to no training!

✓ Simple viewing and exporting of footage

View and export footage in two clicks. Select desired time frame using simple pan-temporal timeline

AFN Solutions_Nx Witness Iryx Package
Download PDF • 4.20MB

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