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Introducing our new custom built Monitoring Platform for Nx 5.0 Users.

Integrated seamlessly into your existing platform, our portal provides an overview of the camera health, detailing how many of the connected cameras and servers are online or offline, how many active sites you are monitoring, and current or expired alarms pertaining to the cameras.

Our AFN Interface Portal allows for real-time access to your facilities data, with alert response times and performance statistics via your internet browser; displaying logs of all reports that have been sent and a historical view of who and where they were sent to. All scheduled reports that have been set up and sent via email can be configured for PDF and/or Microsoft Excel formats.

Benefits include:

  • Know how many sites a customer has online

  • Know how many servers are online and are they “healthy”

  • Know how many cameras are online/offline

  • Access to AFN's remote support services

  • Access to AFN's service portal

  • Software updates and upgrades to ensure your systems are acting at optimal efficienc

  • SOON TO COME - we are building the ability right now to store an image of every camera at the time of installation and then in the background, taking a snap shot every three months to test for image degradation (using computer vision).

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