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Be Ahead Of The Game With Facial Recognition

November 25th, 2021


Protect your Gaming Venue with AFN’s market leading Facial Recognition Software

Facial Recognition has advanced leaps and bounds and has become more accurate. Facial Recognition is the ability to detect a face and test it against a known database. Long gone are the days where we can only detect a face, we can now test it against a known facial repository. With the advent of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, we can almost guarantee that the face we are seeing is the face in the database.

Reduce the impact on your staff with Facial Recognition Technology:

With Facial Recognition, staff are no longer required to remember self-excluded patrons. AFN Solutions’ Facial Recognition Technology notifies Gaming Venue Staff when an identified self-excluded patron is trying to enter the venue. Automating this process lifts the burden from venue staff and decreases the social impact of problem gambling

Other Facial Recognition Benefits:

✓ Ability to recognise faces via stored meta-data in centralised database – allows for cross-store analysis and repeat visits.

✓ Ability to be integrated with POS for conversion rates – could also utilise Face Recognition at individual terminals and POS locations in-store.

✓ Staff/VIP’s can be registered on a database and receive real time notifications and reports upon their arrival.

✓ Ability to be integrated with VMS and other API-driven software platforms.

✓ Provide Age & Demographic Analysis.

AFN Solutions_Facial Recongition
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