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A Simple Way To Provide A Safer Community, Whilst Using Less Energy

AFN Solutions provides a number of smart solutions that can assist governments, reduce their environmental impact and realise significant cost savings. One of the most important jobs for a local government is providing a safe environment for our community to live in.


Solar Lighting Innovation

Our solution is the implementation of Solar CCTV & LED Lighting Poles with an on-board WiFi and 4G connection in public spaces. Our technology takes it one step further, altering the intensity of the lighting based on the population of the area. All solar CCTV & LED Lighting Poles are able to integrate with the cloud for remote viewing from head office.



✓ Significantly reduce power costs in the long term

✓ Minimise carbon emissions

✓ Generate significantly more light with less power

✓ Easy swap out solution

✓ Sufficient battery storage for 7 days of no sun


✓ Boosting public safety

✓ Use data captured from the cameras for town planning

✓ Gain valuable insights about demographics, pathways and counting


✓ Detect motion within selected areas for a selected time frame

✓ Set up alerts when motion is detected via email, audio tone, and/or screen notification


AFN have experience in this environment and have key reference points nationally. AFN Solutions designed, implemented and managed the City of Darwin – Smart City Upgrade, which included a range of applications ranging from LED smart lighting to public Wi-Fi to CCTV and Smart Parking.

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