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$1M Perimeter Detection System For Solar Farms Successfully Delivered

AFN Solutions has successfully delivered a solar farm in Queensland valued at over

$1 million dollars in a strict 12 month timeframe, despite it’s remote location, extreme

weather complications and supply chain shortages.

Our knowledge, experience and expertise in solar farm design and delivery allows us to work effectively with all technology implemented on solar farms and work within their unique site demands.

In our most recent solar project, AFN Solutions installed the latest CCTV and Access Control systems to one of Australia’s largest solar farms, providing complete monitored surveillance to the 410,000 Bifacial Panel, associated infrastructure, and all buildings on site.

After a thorough and competitive application process, AFN Solutions was awarded the contract to design, supply and install perimeter poles and thermal cameras across the entire site to provide perimeter monitoring. The team at AFN have worked with Hikvision to install 52 poles, 52 electrical boxes and 80 cameras (PTZ & thermal). Cameras were selected to meet the standards that were relevant to the harsh environmental conditions as well as the security requirements of the area. The cameras provided High Resolution images and were set to record at 30 frames per second (FPS) allowing for smoother footage and high detail capture.

This project required a reliable perimeter security solution that could efficiently monitor the remote solar farm, which was vulnerable to trespassers and vandalism due to its location. With controlled access points across multiple driveway entrances and 4.1km squared worth of monitored fence lines for perimeter protection, this is one of Australia’s most secure installations.

Thermal Cameras

Thermal cameras were specifically deployed to detect movement within 1.5km of the site, providing early warning notifications to site security to respond quickly to any activity detected.

CCTV Security

AFN Solutions installed 80 CCTV Security Cameras that include 4K High Resolution, 30 frames per second (FPS) recording and wireless network to provide protection to their assets such as generators, transformers, and solar panels.

Access Control

The solar farm hosts three levels of security including swipe card access control, CCTV and high fences. The power station requires 24 hour supervision, so all staff have access to swipe cards that provide entry access to the compound.


After successfully completing this solar farm in Queensland valued at over $1 million dollars in 12 months, AFN Solutions have since started discussions with several other Solar Farm providers across Australia.

AFN Solutions_SolarFarms_CaseStudy
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