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AFN Solutions have been revolutionising industries with technology for over 25 years, and now, we have turned our attention to the Aged Care sector.

Our technology can reduce your risks and increase the efficiency of your Aged Care facility.

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New Standards Demand A New Solution. 

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The Preliminary Findings Are In.

The Royal Commission into the Aged Care sector has concluded that changes must occur. Problems within the industry have been going on for far too long, and the country is looking for who is to blame. 

With increased expectations, comes increased scrutiny, from both regulators and the general population. Aged Care providers need evidentiary support to protect them from these increased risks. 

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At AFN, we believe that technology has a role to play in the solution. 

We have a suite of proven technologies that will assist in overcoming the issues identified by the Royal Commission, as well as give you the reassurance you need to operate your business with confidence. 

CCTV Solutions

Our CCTV solutions allow you to easily track what takes place in your facilities. 

Detection Cameras

With our slip and fall detection cameras and drug room occupancy compliance algorithms, we can help you create a safer, more compliant, and more efficient facility.

Video Management

Our Video Management Solutions give you the power to search and extract evidence when you need to. 

Facial Recognition

Our revolutionary implementations of Facial Recognition and Machine Learning in Memory Care wards reduce the risks of residents leaving premises unattended. 

The Power of Facial Recognition in Memory Care Areas


Our Facial Recognition Door System prevents unaccompanied residents from leaving the facility.

Our technology ensures that if a resident is left alone, the door will remain locked. However, if the resident is accompanied by a nurse or carer, the system temporarily unlocks the door, allowing for unimpeded egress.

Our technology significantly reduces the number of unintended movement from the dementia wing, allowing for an increase in safety and staff efficiency. 

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Incident Alerts

Get alerted to an incident in real-time.


Applications include our slip and fall detection technology. 

Perimeter Detection

Maintain the perimeter security of your site, and be alerted to anyone entering or exiting the premises.  

Facial Recognition

Increase the safety of staff by extending their vision.


Automatically allow recognised users in, and be alerted to unrecognised visitors. 

Understand Movement Patterns

Get the evidence you need to understand movement patterns and allocate staff more effectively. 

Drug Cabinet & Sensitive Area Attendance

Our technology allows us to detect when a cabinet is open, and, using Machine Learning algorithms, detect whether two people were present at the time of opening. 


Object Recognition

By using Machine Learning, Aged Care facilities can detect aggressive actions and alert staff before any incidents or injuries occur, by increasing response times.

Thermal Cameras

Thermal cameras in aged care facilities designed to protect staff, and keep the privacy of residents and staff in tact.


Infrared technology are calibrated to highlight hot spots on the body, rather than provide a detailed image. 

People Count

People Count is ideal for aged care facilities to ensure staff, visitors, and residents are accounted for.


Use the system to automatically count people as they walk in and out of particular areas, or get alerts when movement is detected. 

Heat & Path Mapping

Video analytics can provide staff with knowledge and encourage them to increase their presence in specific areas, providing a measurable decrease in the likelihood of fall related injuries and accidents, and the ability to tend to residents quickly and effectively. 

Licence Plate Recognition

Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) uses your existing gate intercom system to provide improved security whilst automating the process of visitor and staff access.

Once a person is registered on the LPR system, the licence plate is used to verify the identity of the person, and allow access through the automated gate system.

Dwell Time

Dwell time is the video analytic that counts the number of times an object in a scene is stationary versus moving.

This gives Independent Living, Aged Care and Palliative Care facilities a valuable insight into their residents health, well-being and evolving needs, whilst providing key information to staff on the location of each individual. 

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