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We have the ability to provide access to granular data about your most valuable assets - your customers. 

We are currently working with South Australia's largest fuel retailer as part of their technology centric future.


Licence Plate Recognition

Our Licence Plate Recognition technology has seen great success in parking management, access control, fuel drive-off management, car-counting and more.

Our technology can help identify motorists in order to mitigate theft. Specific details of infringing vehicles including vehicle colour, make, model, and amount owing can be associated to a detected licence plate and added to a watch list by the operator. 

Facial Recognition - Age, Gender, Sentiment

AFN Solutions have the ability to pair your advanced analytics with the power of facial recognition, age, gender, and sentiment, to provide a better understanding of customer movement and behaviour. 

We are able to integrate People Counting with Point of Sales (POS) Systems in order to deliver a number of tangible insights about customers entering your premises, and an instant understanding of customer interaction with product displays, as well as proactively recognising threats. 

Heat Mapping & Dwell Time

Heat Mapping analytics allows retailers to understand how customers move through a store, where they stand, where they browse and where the thoroughfares are.

Dwell Time allows users to gain comprehensive data on how long people are spending interacting with a display, dwell at the service counter, or interact with self-serve kiosks. This data can then be used for roster optimisation.

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