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For over 10 years, AFN Solutions has been working with Council's and Local Government Areas in designing, building and maintaining both small and large scale surveillance solutions.

We have a range of solutions that can fit the budgetary and operational requirements of any Council, and the specialised knowledge to ensure that it is the right deployment for residents in the community.

We design and deploy a range of Smart City initiatives specific to your needs, ranging from smart lighting and CCTV, through to smart parking and environmental sensors. 


Crime prevention & increasing public safety using machine learning and artificial intelligence

Bayside Council has invested in innovative technology in order to help curb anti-social behaviour in the suburbs surrounding Botany Bay as it focuses on improving public safety along the foreshore.

AFN Solutions worked with Machine Learning and AI Specialists, Art of Logic, to build a customised solution. The integration incorporated both object recognition and vehicle recognition into a single Nx Witness VMS platform, where we used a single stream from a camera to do Object Recognition, Vehicle Recognition and Licence Plate Recognition using a Machine Learning platform to identify the vehicle, make, model, colour, licence plate, and identifying the vehicle location. 


We have seen a 75-80% drop in repeat offenders parking illegally or undertaking acts of dangerous driving.


Our community have also told us they have seen a 90% decrease in hooning and illegal driving.

- Ben Thompson, Manager of Business Transformation at Bayside Council

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