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AFN Solutions have been designing and deploying CCTV solutions since 1997, and we have seen how the industry has evolved over this time. 

Our team can design, supply, and install a system tailored specifically to your needs, from offices, to factories, to everything in between. ​


We have also been working with market leading video analytics solutions since 1997. From facial recognition, through to spatial analytics and licence plate recognition, AFN is constantly pushing the envelope with new ways to turn video into data. 

Whether your project involves 1 camera or 1,000 cameras, we've done it before and we embrace the challenge.



Our approach has always been to embrace new advancements in technology - as long as we can test it first. We don't deploy technology that we don't believe in, and we have the customer experiences to prove it. 


Our partnership with reputable international brands means that you can be confident that when you work with us, you will be set up with the best hardware on the market.  

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AFN's proposed intelligent video management software, the Nx Witness, gives your business a powerful and innovative edge to managing high definition surveillance video.


Nx Witness VMS was built specifically for its users. 

It can integrate with anything and works with 99% of IP cameras straight out of the box. Not only is it lightweight and cross platform; it is fast, dependable and customisable.  Nx Witness VMS allows users to accurately and effectively manage multiple sites simultaneously. 


Easy Maintenance

One Time Cost

Free Upgrades 

Online Support

Custom Layouts & Digital Mapping

Flexibility to create any layout configuration with no predefined settings or grid constraints.

Save layouts for future use or assign to others for remote viewing.

Simple Viewing & Exporting of Footage

View and export footage in two clicks.

Select desired time frame using simple pan-temporal timelines. 

Smart Search Capabilities

Detect motion within the selected area for a selected time frame.

Set up alerts when motion is detected - via email, audio tone or screen notifications.

Integrate Anything with Nx Witness

Fully compatible with your existing surveillance system.

Preserve your existing analogue cameras or mix with DVR, NVR, and any IP high definition cameras, making it suitable for any business, school, retailer, or manufacturer. 

Efficient VMS

Nx Witness - approximately 20 minutes per two hours of footage versus other VMS systems - approximately two hours per two hours of footage. 


If CCTV is the eyes, video analytics is the brain. 

Analytics can do anything from basic object detection, through to complex time and motion data.​  AFN is constantly pushing the envelope with new ways to turn video into data. 

People Counting

People Counting analytics allows retailers to manage staff effectively and ultimately display accurate conversion statistics.

This allows store managers, regional managers and owners to understand the performance of their premises.


Object Detection

Video is no longer about reviewing events of the past - it is about real-time analysis of people, vehicles, objects and their behaviours.

Our object recognition library is extensive - allowing us to detect a large range of objects and cross reference all of them. 

e.g. human detection, bikes, prams, dogs, backpacks, backpacks/objects left behind, and various vehicle detection.

Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition and advanced video analytics provide altogether better understanding of customer movement. 


Real-time customer insights provide an instant understanding of customer interaction with products and displays, as well as proactively recognising threats. 

The ability to recognise and engage repeat customers is particularly useful for understanding detailed spending habits.

Licence Plate Recognition 

LPR, combined with Vehicle Recognition, is a fundamentally new way of approaching LPR as an effective, ticketless solution, and is much like a multi-factor authentification approach to LPR.


Our Licence Plate Recognition technology has seen great success in parking management, access control, fuel drive-off management, car-counting and more.

Heat & Path Mapping

Heat & path mapping analytics allows retailers to understand how customers move through a store, where they stand and browse and where the thoroughfares are.

This data is particularly useful for Marketing and store managers to more effectively manage where advertising material is placed and how staff interact with customers. 

Dwell Time & Queue Time

Gain comprehensive data on how long visitors spend interacting with a display, dwelling at a service counter, or interacting with self-serve kiosks. 

This data can be used for roster optimisation.

End Cap Monitoring

Monitor and analyse how efficient the positioning of the end caps are. 

Measure the average interaction time and what percentage of total visitors interact with the display.

Crowd Detection & Occupancy

Crowd detection estimates the number of people within a given area in real-time, and triggers an alarm when a specified number of people or specified percentage of people is reached.

Crowd detection analytics are ideal for the public surveillance where the volume of people must be monitored for public safety or quality of service.


Get an accurate understanding of demographics and return visitors. 

Pair sentiment analysis at the POS to determine the quality of interaction between service interactions.

Thermal Perimeter Detection

Thermal perimeter detection is a solution that provides a reinforced layer of identification and verification protection against intrusion, theft, and damage in outdoor spaces, with the use of thermal sensors and intelligent analytics.

We work with the very best

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