AFN Solutions turns Video into Data.​

AFN Solutions was established as a security technology company in an era when security technology was largely unaffordable, cumbersome to use, provided little in the way of useable data, and was unrecognised as a business tool. After partnering with international companies to establish better ways for end-users to access the technology, AFN discovered a hardware manufacturing sector who was keeping their customers in the dark about the endless security solutions at their fingertips.

Over the years, AFN Solutions gradually evolved from being a high-end security integrator specialising in CCTV, to an organisation now at the cutting edge of video analytics and smart city solutions globally.

With offices in NSW, Queensland, Victoria and South Australia, AFN Solutions is your best partner to complete custom-tailored security solutions, video management solutions, and emergent technologies for smart cities to improve overall security, safety and site performance across the region.


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